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What Does Lettuce Offer?

Lettuce seeks to empower artists, foster artistic exploration, and build community. I see Lettuce as a monthly event that people come to in order to catch up with the artistic community, support and encourage each other's work, and leave with sparks of creativity in their soul. Being at a live art event is so electric. People feel it when they go to a live concert, theater, or dance performance. It is inspiring to see an artist pouring out their passion, sharing their inner thoughts, expressing their inner genius. For visual artists a lot of the time this is done at home or at a studio, and I would love to bring it forth to the public to experience. I hope that the audience members will either be inspired to create and/or become educated on the effort and talent it takes to create.

I am excited for a diverse group of Tacoma artists to share their various talents and perspectives. I want to give a respectful and supportive platform for people to create live art so that they can share their story, who they are, how they create, what techniques they use. It takes a lot of courage to share a creative process in front of people, and I want to make sure the artist feels they are in a safe space to be seen and heard.

Also, each month Lettuce gives a portion of the proceeds from the event to a different charity that is creating positive environmental or social change in Tacoma. It's a fun event that that promotes art, social justice, sustainability, and community in Tacoma.

Here are the Values of Lettuce: Integrity - Maintaining our highest standards of excellence through delivering an unforgettable and unique experience. Creativity - Seeking and developing fresh new ways to promote a range of local artists. Respect and Dignity- creating a space based on respect and dignity that allows people to feel empowered, valued, and able to show up and be seen. Community Building - Creating a network for artists and the public to connect. Environmentally Conscious - Supporting sustainable practices through becoming green certified through the City of Tacoma.

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