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Our Vision

Lettuce is the gathering space for creative artists where we let our souls have space to play, to wonder, and to feel alive. People from various background of the art world (artists, art directors, art teachers, community members, etc.) will create, connect, collaborate, and leave with a greater sense of purpose and belonging.

We define an artist as a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a painter, sculptor, novelist, poet, filmmaker, chef, mixologist, brewer, distiller, etc. Anyone that takes their craft, breathes life and love into making it their skilled trade. At Lettuce we will get creative to showcase all different types of art because we want to expose the public to various mediums, techniques, and talent.

Our patrons will experience an unforgettable and unique evening where they can view live art as it is being made, gain a deeper understanding of techniques, and develop greater awareness of the local art scene. We will establish ourselves in Tacoma first, and in the future go to different cities to promote the local artists in each area.

Artists will share and learn techniques, develop their skills, and connect with a community of people who are passionate about supporting a thriving artistic community.

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