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The Artists

If you are interested in being showcased by Lettuce please fill out this short application 

Alexis Devine


Owner/ creator at Squirrel Vs Coyote her person bio is short and sweet: Armor for those that dream of vulnerability. 


IG and Facebook: @Squirrelvscoyote

Benjamin Wolters

Leather goods

About 5 years ago I started having an interest in making leather goods. I was making stuff for friends and family as more of a hobby. They began encouraging me and pushing me to sell the products I was making to a broader market. A year and a half ago My conventional 9 to 5 job transitioned into an opportunity to release my product line to the northwest market. In the last year, since going public as a full-time business, we have grown from sporadic local markets to a regular spot at the Puyallup market. The attention gained at these venues lead us to be featured in storefronts in two different cities. Overall we have risen to the challenge of maintaining quality craftsmanship and dedicated customer service, resulting in our first year is a very productive one. 


We have always seen Lightvessels Collective as an avenue to foster other small businesses to our brand. The name collective evokes thoughts of the community as well as a partnership. At current we have 3 local creatives that are waiting to be added to our roster. By sharing vision, ideas and event space we hope to provide a greater experience for people who already enjoy our brand. 

FB and IG @lightvesselscollective

Hannah Niedwick

Painting and Sketch Artist

Born in a tiny town in central Pennsylvania, Hannah knew there were bigger and better things on her horizon. Her whole life was consumed by creating, through the ups and downs of a true series of unfortunate events, she coped by teaching herself how to create, endlessly. Today, now residing in Orting, Washington, she finds joy with a wide diversity of mediums, styles, and sizes. Her strongest relationships reside with oil paints on canvas and graphite on Bristol paper, but that doesn't shy her away from watercolor, acrylic, ink, charcoal, bookbinding, pop up art, and wearable art. (patches & embroidery). Currently, Hannah is a freelance illustrator outside of a retail job, but she strives to make illustration her one and only career.

Ixtlixochitl Salinas-White Hawk

Indigenous Artist and Cultural Educator/Consultant

Living a traditional life, in a contemporary world

Ixtli is Nahuatlaca Tenochca (Aztec), Otomi and Tarasco, from Iztacalco and Tlacopan, now part of Mexico City, Mex. She is currently residing in Washington State with her family. 

Ixtli is an Indigenous artist, born within the traditional dance circle. Her father, a muralist and a master in traditional arts was her first teacher. He taught her to see the world through the eyes of an artist. Throughout her life, Ixtli’s work has centered around traditional wearable art in dance, ceremonial, everyday wear and jewelry. Always finding a way to be innovative merging traditional with contemporary in materials and styles. Ixtli’s current work is highly focused on visual art, primarily printmaking. Her visual pieces have become another way of expressing the vibrancy and beauty of her people.

Ixtli has been traveling the world from a very young age as the spokesperson for TLOKE-NAHUAKE Traditional Aztec Fire Dancers. Serving as ambassadors throughout the North American continent reconnecting with other Indigenous communities. Primarily working with tribes, schools, and museums. Presenting dance, art, culture, music, and language through performances, workshops and residencies. 




Sophia Munic

Sculpture and Mixed Media

Born in Minneapolis, MN. I moved to Tacoma, WA to study printmaking and sculpture. My current work aims to materialize what our childhood imagination would like if it were something tangible. I create playful, colorful and furry forms that are welcome for people to touch and engage with. Outside of creating my own artwork I am working on a new project, Honest Feedback Collective, a new artist-run collective that will host pop-up art shows at Alma Mater that will be open to the public for half of the event, and for the other half of the event be a space for artists to give one another feedback on their work. HFC aims to promote a community that can speak vulnerably about that work. 


Gini Sommer

Abstract Stuffed Animals

I create crazy known and abstract stuffed animals. The use of bold color and patterns help to make the known animals (lion, iguana,, etc) unique and every animal is one of a kind. My abstract animal patterns are sourced from my husband, children, and my own strange mind. I wish to make people smile with my art, which is meant me touched and loved. 

Raven Juarez

Mixed-media Artist

Born and based in Seattle, creates intricately detailed, and personally intimate, mixed-media works. Raven graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York with her concentrations in Visual Arts and Child Psychology. Her work has been shown in galleries in Brooklyn (NY) Seattle, and Tacoma (WA).  Inspired by her work as an early childhood educator, she takes an explorative and experimental approach to her work, in a process, she describes as "conversations with herself." 

Her artwork, works in progress, and inspiration photos can be viewed on her Instagram account: Raven_inthetrees

Tiffanny Hammond


Tiffanny's art is her testimony that she's alive. It's a witness of her experiences and a declaration of who she is and whose she is. The opportunity to find beauty and answers where they wouldn't be found, to put them in places where they couldn't be heard.



 FB: Tiffanny the Artist 

IN: t.ffanny

Chandler Woodfin

Watercolor Painter

Chandler is a Tacoma-based painter and draftsman, and co-founder of Feast Arts Center.  Using watercolor and charcoal, she examines what it means to be human in both its personal and social contexts.   She focuses on the moments in between the action, the overlooked difficulties of our day-to-day existence, and tries to provide antidotes of comfort to our common ailments.  Chandler received her BFA from Columbia College of Missouri and completed a 3-year painting apprenticeship at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, WA.  



Christopher Tipton


Christopher Tipton is a newly transplanted Tacoma-based artist, originally from the Olympic Peninsula.  He works primarily in acrylic paintings, though he has numerous other artistic interests, including, but not limited to drawing, photography, bookbinding, printmaking, photo restoration/digital archiving, woodworking, screen printing, and portraiture in many formats.  Through Chris's art, he investigates the concepts of time, space and how human interactivity collide and coexist.  Spirituality also is a rather constant theme in Christopher’s work.  He allows the creative process to influence and become the work, letting the interactivity of him painting and elemental forces such as gravity, to allow him to be the conduit and seem to “carve” the finished painting from time itself.  Christopher also thrives off the creative process and believes WHAT is created is not as important as THAT it is created.  

Robin McQuay


I'm a self-taught artists living in Tacoma, WA. Much of my art centers around my personal struggles with depression and anxiety. My mental illness has never deterred my ability to create art, if anything, it inspires and motivates me to keep creating. For me, the surrealist world I paint is an escape from the reality. An escape from the toxic thoughts that dance through my head daily. Where I am in control. I also use shapes, lines, and color to create an abstract look that is chaotic but also flowy. Dark but also beautiful. Desperation but also hope. It’s important for me to show the light and dark in this world.


I find inspiration in my mental illness to create meaningful art, but I am also inspired by: music, love, poetry, sex, heartbreak, nature, the ocean, mountains, silence, video games, other artists, and so much more. I want people to connect to my art emotionally, getting lost in my surreal world. I hope to inspire and help those who also struggle with mental illness. I want my art to be a reminder that there is hope, no matter how small, in the darkest moments. Today could be the worst day of your life, but tomorrow could be the best day of your life. Keep going.​

Instagram: @robin_mcquay
Facebook: @robinmcquayart

Asia Tail

Painter and Beaded Jewelry Maker

Asia Tail is from Tacoma, Washington where she is currently based. Asia attended the Cooper Union School of Art in New York on a four-year full-tuition scholarship and graduated with a BFA and the Brandon Burns Stewart Memorial Prize for Excellence in Painting in 2014. Her work has recently been featured in the magazine New American Paintings, in NW Art Now at Tacoma Art Museum, and in the exhibition Quota at SOIL Gallery in Seattle. As an extension of her art making practice, Asia creates beaded jewelry in contemporary patterns and colors that reflect her Urban Native identity. She is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

IG @asia_tail

Lucien Vedego

Multi-disciplinary Artist


My two main channels of expression are painting with anything I can get my hands on and experimental electronic music production under the persona known as Axi-Ohm. When I paint, I'm typically listening to music as a means to induce a synesthetic experience. As a synesthete, upon listening to music (or even voices!), various expressions of color and movement arise in my experience. My paintings reflect these sensations. When I'm not making art, I'm finding ways to help others make it or get it out there.


Facebook -

SoundCloud -

Instagram -

Glory Cancro


Born in 1979, from Tacoma, Wa. Glory was raised among a family of artists, thinkers, and dreamers. She found her joy early, with a pencil in one hand and a sketchbook in the other, drawing portraits of anyone who would sit for her. As a mother of three children, she strives to create art that is understandable for both children and adults, approaching a diverse variety of subject matter with a desire for vulnerability and question asking. A multidisciplinary artist, she primarily paints with acrylic on pine panels that she builds in her garage studio where she lives in Bonney Lake, Wa.Using inspiration from her photos taken from her adventures around the Pacific NW and the world, including Mongolia, Central Asia, and South America, her paintings capture a snapshot of the unique people that she meets and the stories that they tell. With a love for human anatomy coupled with a desire for social justice she strives to create authentic, original artwork that is both thought-provoking and beautiful, creating a sense of wonder, surrealism and a dreamlike perspective in her paintings. She enjoys painting for live events, as well as creating interactive movement art installations.

One of her favorite quotes is,"If it's inaccessible to the poor it's neither radical nor revolutionary"


Instagram @glorycancro

Facebook @glorycancroart

Lourdes Jackson

Painter and Graphiti Artist

Lourdes Jackson has been drawing since the age of five. At the age of 19, Lourdes entered a Washington State Correctional Facility where he spent two prison terms and honed his craft drawing family portraits for fellow inmates. Working in mixed media, he expresses his representation of women and nature in black, white and grey tones with a pop of color. Growing up in a home rich in fashion and design background he uses these templates to depict beautiful moments in time and the growth that is seldom seen within them. 

He is now free and residing in Tacoma, where he is a full-time artist and father


Instagram: @Lourdesenfleur



Kellie Richardson

Poet/Mixed Media

I wish to invite audiences into the intersections of my experience as a Black, poor, queer, broken, healing, laughing, loving individual in this world. I am a poet and mixed media artist, who came to art out of necessity, a very primal attempt to stay grounded, stay present and fight mind monsters. My work is a dance with the ghosts of my pasts, and their impacts on my life. When I dismantle materials and reconfigure them, I know that I am conducting the time-honored tradition of so many other women, who gather the bits of refuse the world has left them, weaving them into a tapestry of survival. I turned 40 and lost the desire to stay live quietly.  My work is the unfolding of my voice, bearing witness to the possibility of life after self-loathing. Hilltop is my home, and I ain’t leaving.


Instagram @brownbetty253

Facebook @brownbetty

Perry Porter

Painter and Song Writer

Perry Paints is a Painter and Song Writer from Tacoma, WA. Mainly focusing on Portraiture in the watercolor medium. Perry's portraits feature women of color submerged in surreal/manga style settings. The vibrant colors and free-flowing nature of Perry's work not only gives off a strong sense playfulness freedom but also discipline and control. "Art is power. Especially in modern culture. We look up these people as the standard of genius or beauty. But the problem is there's no one that looks like us. I want my family and friends to see faces that look like theirs, hair that curls like their, full lips. I want them to know that they are just as or more beautiful then the faces they see immortalize in these museums.

Instagram: @perryPaints

Twitter: @perryporter


Leah Morgan

Nap Northwest - Pendleton Pillow Maker

While afloat on the Thea Foss Waterway in the Puget Sound, this small business operates out of an old wooden boat from the 60's. My Chris Craft has become my favorite place to sit and be creative.  All my work is done on a beautiful vintage turquoise sewing machine that was passed down to me from my grandmother. I love the PNW and experience the best of all it has to offer from my boat with views of the South Sound, Mount Rainer, and the Olympics.  My inspiration was immediately drawn to the unique patterns and colors of the Pendleton fabrics.  They can be very neutral or edgy esthetically and can fit any setting from a cabin in the woods to a boat on the bay!

Instagram: @napnorthwest

Jon Norquist

Coffee on Canvas

Jon Norquist is, first and foremost, a father of five wonderful children and husband to a beautiful wife.

Jon has long found art and design to be an interesting hobby but, having spent most of his adult life in the military, fighting wars and tending to matters of State (just kidding; he wasn't that important) didn't leave much time for doodling and calligraphy.


Even still, Jon has always found beauty in everyday things — which is how he stumbled onto a creative outlet in the most unusual of places: his $30 Black and Decker Coffee Pot.​


Early one morning, with the light just right, Jon caught a glimpse of the pattern the coffee made on the countertop and inspiration struck. Beginning with a few pieces of paper taped to the countertop, the “spilled coffee” art form quickly took shape. Taped paper was soon upgraded to canvas, and Coffee on Canvas was born.


Facebook: @spillcoffeemakeart

Instagram: @coffee_on_canvas


Molica Chau

Visual Artist

I am a Cambodian-American woman, who was born & raised in the south side of Tacoma, Washington. Besides dedicating my time to Youth Development, I am also attending the University of Washington to receive my BA in Global Studies to pursue a career in social work. I am a self-taught watercolor/digital artist and hand enthusiast. I'm also on the Metro Parks Tacoma Arts and Heritage Advisory Council. My goal is to become a full-time artist and humanitarian, and Tacoma is where I want to make it happen. I believe that my art either offends or intrigues the unfed minds, but that's my art motto, to give you "a handful and a peace of mind."

Instagram: @chauxm_

Delia Gable

Illustrator and Graphic Novelist

Delia Gable is a visual artist, cat lover, and voracious reader. She specializes in portraits and comics and is inspired by faces, hands, the intersections of human, animal and plant life, and the sensuality of being. She has also illustrated various published comics (most recently the noir serial comic "Dash"), print novels and album covers. Delia attended the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Visual Arts. A native New Yorker, she now happily lives in Tacoma, Washington with her partner and a tag team of cats.

Jason Sobottka

Visual Artist

Jason Sobottka is a professional artist and arts educator born and raised in Tacoma. He is Lake Washington Institute of Technology's first tenured visual art instructor and he built the visual arts program there. He exhibits his paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures around the nation. Jason was nominated for the 2016 Greater Tacoma Foundation of Art Award and, in November 2016, had an extensive solo exhibition at the Gallery on the campus of Tacoma Community College.


Jason earned his Masters of Fine Art degree in visual art from the University of Minnesota and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors from the University of Montana. He also holds an Associates Degree from Grays Harbor College.


Jason, in partnership with his wife Jane Sobottka, will launch in December 2017. Tacoma Gallery will feature Tacoma-related art and finely crafted wares, as well as art classes and creative professional development for individuals and organizations.


He is very pleased to be part of Lettuce 253’s 7th event at the Tacoma Art Museum, where, in 2003, he was a member of TAM’s education department. Jason designed and managed the original hands-on artmaking space, the Open Art Studio and TAM Classroom.


Instagram: @jasonsobottka

Heather Cornelius


Heather grew up in South Tacoma. Not traveling far for college, she received her degree from Pacific Lutheran University ’07 receiving her BFA in 3-Dimensional studies with an emphasis in Ceramics as a Bill and Melinda Gates Achievers Scholar. She went on to develop her studio practice, teach ceramics, and volunteer with various Tacoma Public schools teaching art.  Now working as Instructional Ceramics Technician at Green River College by day, Heather utilizes her studio time at home in Central Tacoma to create sculptural and functional ceramics. She is continually exhibiting her work in the Pacific Northwest. Heather is co-creator of H.D. Ceramics, a collaboration with Devon Urquhart. Their ceramics production team creates humorous functional pottery found in retail stores in the Tacoma/ Seattle area.

  “I’m all about the hustle in order to do what I love! I stayed in Tacoma because I love it here, the community has been so supportive. I realized early on when taking ceramics in college that my passion for learning would continue with this medium, and I feel very fortunate for this. Ceramics has become so embedded in my daily routine at work and at home. My inspiration comes from what I cannot say with words. A feeling, a concept, a dream, even an urge to express an innate part of my nature. Clay is my vehicle for a deeper form of communication.” 

Facebook: Heather Cornelius Ceramics

Instagram: @HCceramics

Vikram Madan

Artist & Author

Vikram grew up in India, studied engineering, and worked in tech, until finally came to his senses and following his heart into the visual and literary arts. He has studied at the Gage Academy in Seattle, completed the ArtistTrust Edge Program for Visual Artists, and received a 4Culture artist grant. When not painting fun, whimsical narrative art in his Bellevue studio, he creates public art, publishes art books, and writes and illustrates humorous poetry. Vikram's debut book of funny poems, 'The Bubble Collector' was nominated (by invitation) for the 2014 WA State Book Awards and won a Moonbeam Award for Poetry.

Sarah Casto

Mixed Media Artist

I am a self taught mixed media artist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and so proud to call Tacoma my home!


I primarily create assemblage pieces, shadow boxes and collage but also enjoy photography and painting- always looking for ways to make my art 3 dimensional. I often use collected natural elements and found objects in my work and love including various text and fragments of the human form to create an even deeper meaning and story behind each piece.


I am inspired by spending time outdoors- in the woods, on beaches and seeing all of the naturally created elements and shapes that exist and highlighting them in what I create. I am fueled by storytelling, feminism, activism and my own various life experiences. I seek out making art to transform my thoughts and feelings into something more tangible and to encourage a time for reflection. The process of creation helps me better understand myself and is a way for me to honor all of the things I find meaningful and beautiful in this world.



Instagram:  @Castosarcasto

Facebook: Sarah Casto


Sean Coady


If Sean was born in the 15th Century he would be hired by a duke to help him sketch scientific illustrations, and build fancy contraptions. A native of Chicago, Sean is a renaissance man and a master at sketching portraits. In his free time, he does construction on houses, builds boats, welds freak bicycles that are 6 feet tall, fixes cars, rebuilds trailers, and plays practical jokes on friends. As for sketching, whether it be at a party, cafe, or outdoors hiking, Sean brings his sketchbook with him to capture the world around him in uncanny realism. Though he might be shy and quirky, he has a brilliant mind and a kind heart.

​ Jillian Nettels

Artist Educator

I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and earned a Masters in Art Education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I have taught kindergarten through undergraduate students but currently, work with the Bethel public school district as an elementary art educator.


As an artist, I work with a range of materials in illustration, collage, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and street art. I am inspired by nature, dreams, and narratives. I attempt to engage the viewer in their own storytelling. Whether it is a painting or guerrilla street art installation, I hope to cause a pause in the passerby to evoke a memory or encourage them to dream, if only for a moment.

Instagram: @jill_nettels

Twitter: @Jill_NettelsArt

Education Blog:

Rae Vena

Visionary Pop Surrealism, freelance painter and performance visual artist

My greatest success over the years has been sharing the gift of inspiration with others.Through Live art, self-expression is a well-loved journey both inwards & outwards!  Ineffable benefits abound for the artist & beholder! Recent revelations have aided me to highlight this blessed intention for tour  2017:  “Inspire Love”  If I could carry only one message through my art it would be that simple but powerful verse!   We all seek and aspire towards a positive epiphany at this particular crossroad.What improv painting unfolds on my canvas further reflects another facet of my inner self. Perhaps even a clue to the next path on my vision quest?  My past esteemed artworks have held utmost detail to an ethereal theme, & through this artistic style, I envision my further transcendence in art. Baby blue, pink and mint, a splash of black white, rainbow.. 8 years experience, with each year passing my talent, progresses; the best is only yet to come!  Thank you for joining me to celebrate this dedication to creation, Inspire Love 2017” 


Rae is a 28-year-old artist & world traveler. Using acrylic & oil, Rae paints colorful imaginary works inspired by dreams, themes, the ocean waves, earth & her very own travel photography. Her art is best known for live art performances featured at festivals across the USA, & Canada When Rae isn’t sharing the gift of live art on tour she enjoys working in the studio, home to the Pacific Northwest. 



Facebook :

Qin Tan

Visual Artist

Qin Tan was born in Beijing, China where she lived for eleven years before immigrating to the United States to seek a better education and future. She first discovered art as a teenager and looked towards it as a medium of expression to soothe her frustration with the difficult language barrier and conflicting cultural norms she was experiencing as a young Chinese-American. Her pursuit of art empowered her with a way to express herself in a manner that transcended traditional forms of language and communication; one that has encouraged her ever-since. To embrace the confusion and challenges that modern society poses, and to create art that both investigates and celebrates these uncertainties. She has spent the last six years studying and traveling abroad in order to analyze and refine her work in greater depth; she continues to aspire and create art that imparts a sensational experience while posing unconventional questions.


Instagram: @qinntann

LeShawn Gamble

Visual Artist

I'm originally from a small town in Virginia. I grew up very poor and disenfranchised so I have a heart for that population here in Tacoma. After leaving the military, life became very difficult very quickly. Art was a way for me to find myself again and reconnect with the community in which I live. I do everything from body painting to airbrushing. I love creating things that wow people and sparks creativity. Especially in the youth. That's why I wanted to create a youth program that focuses on disadvantaged youth, entrepreneurship, mentorship, cultural healing, and equity. I started Renaissance 21 with the goal of revitalizing the soul and reigniting the light in our seemingly forgotten children.These are things that are desperately needed today and I hope to be an engine for growth in this city I call home.


Anna Okrasinski-Maddox

Mixed Media Artist

A native Oregonian, Anna became an artist later in life to explore life's deepest questions through a variety of mixed media, recycled materials, vintage papers, and ephemera. She finds her inspiration in the peeling antique wallpaper in her mother's house, dusty stamp albums, cheeky humor, nature, family histories and the like. She constantly challenges herself to experiment with new materials and techniques and is currently obsessed with image transfers. Anna creates collages, paintings, and hand-carved stamp prints anywhere from 4'x4' to 12'x12' on reclaimed wood scrap, cardboard, shrink plastic and cradled panels.



Curtis Ashby

Visual Artist

Pacific Northwest who specializes in hand drawn illustrations, logo design and brand identity. His bold, colorful imagery has been featured on everything from community murals, album covers, apparel and more. His work reflects his interest in mid-century book illustrations, street art, scientific drawings, and abstract design.


Joseph Brooks

Painting and Drawing

I am fascinated by crowds. My work deals with how our cities are packed with people but no one really talks to each other. In the city, as we move closer to each other physically, through technology,  we are moving further away from each other emotionally. I find this interesting. I don't know if this will change us in the coming years as humans. I am not here to pass judgement, It is just something I think about when making my work. I grew up in Tacoma and have lived in Seattle for the past 11 years. I have been very active in the Seattle artist community for the past 7 years showing my work in many galleries, coffee shops and music venues. I have also been active in the mural community working with the mural group Game Not Fame and non profits such as Urban Artworks. I recently moved back to Tacoma and am excited to see that there is a lot of artists and arts events happening here. I can’t wait to get involved in what Tacoma has to offer.


Instagram: @weekend_at_bernies

Twitter: @JosephBrooksArt

Facebook: @JosephBrooksArt

Andriana Cunningham

Painting and Drawing

I am inspired by the fluctuating, flexible natural world around me, natural forms and figures perplex and excite me. In the past, I have mostly used pen and ink and oil paint to draw figures.  Recently, with my major, I have become more involved with wood sculpture and metal sculpture. I am interested in fabricating sensations and inviting viewers into my own little world. I am excited to see how my process and product changes within this time restraint.







Dave Bloomfield (Starheadboy)

Visual Artist and Writer

I am a visual artist and writer born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Seattle has been my home for most of my life, I’m inspired by the city, the surrounding forests, mountains, and ocean. My work is mainly focused around acrylic paintings on reclaimed wood panels, ink and watercolor on paper, sculpture, writing, street art stickers and paste ups. Most of my work is made from reclaimed materials at this point and with the exception of paint, I spend more time at hardware stores instead of art stores to obtain tools to work on projects. My work bounces back and forth from comics and line drawings to realism and more saturated, expressive pieces.


Social Media: ​


Jaison Rivera

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

I am an illustrator and graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry. I started in Las Vegas working in the casino gaming industry as 3D artist and animator. During that time I’ve helped create several slot reel, bingo, match 3 style games, and jackpot themed animations.


Currently, I am working as a Graphic Designer. I have been responsible for promoting premium games on the company website, iOS, and Android markets. My tasks have varied from mobile icon design, web promotions, and video teasers. My current role is to design eye-catching mobile icons and app screens.



Risa Kaneko


Risa Kaneko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She moved to the States to attend school and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. 

She has worked at Open Arts Studio in Tacoma for 6 years, teaching ceramics to children and adults. She creates functional pottery by using dynamic colors, textures, and patterns inspired by traditional Japanese themes and Pacific Northwest themes such as wildlife, floral patterns, and spiritual iconography. 




Candy Apply Creative Arts

Body Painter

Being an artist just sort of happened to me. I spent my early 20's at university studying art and ecology at the University of Victoria, then my mid 20's managing face painters in Vancouver B.C. as a means of making money. By the end of my 20's I had adopted art as a form of personal therapy; there was no denying the soothing effects of putting paint onto any sort of canvas. I bought myself a velvet hat and decided to come out to my friends and family as a poet. It turned out, they already knew. An event planning, body painting, art loving, fashion junkie poet.

I am currently spending time in Tacoma as a volunteer at the Guadalupe house creating meals, painting, and supporting those in transitional housing. My passion for sharing creativity and connection as a means of healing is something that I bring with my from North of the border. I continue to pursue my goal of creating a counter-culture online zine and gallery to explore the beauty and diversity of the human experience. Seeking to break down barriers between art forms, foster counter culture, and healing, and to move towards a global construct shift of love and unity. 



Trevor Ruhl


I started Up Woodworking in 2014 with the intention of using my manufacturing background to create art from upcycled wood, with the idea of trying to subvert the creation of more 'stuff' from unethically sourced raw materials.  Since then I have attended events to sell my art, attempted to balance between manufacturing and creating one of a kind pieces, explore mixed media approaches and essentially work towards finding my unique vision as an artist. 


I am currently volunteering at the Guadalupe house, run by the Tacoma Catholic Workers, a non-partisan group dedicated to social justice and human rights. Land on the Key Peninsula has been donated to the Catholic Workers, and we are using the land to create a healing space for those in need of time in the wilderness. I am involved in this project and am looking to raise fund towards its success.





Allison Stewart (Happy Fox Studio)

Jewerly Maker

I deconstruct vintage and secondhand jewelry and turn it into new, minimalist necklaces and earrings.   I also get materials secondhand through swaps with other makers.  For the most part, the only new material I use is a wire for earrings, which I hand bend.   I like to challenge the conception of what eco-friendly, recycled jewelry looks like and raise awareness of the ecological and social impact of our consumer choices.  I find working with secondhand supplies both challenging and inspiring, and love to let the material, like an 'orphan earring' or vintage pipe fitting, dictate the direction of the new piece.



Jason Holland

Painter, Screen Printer, Graffiti Artist

My name is Jason Holland. I was born and raised a Tacoman. I've always been an artist, but a few years ago I got hurt on the job and could no longer do the physical labor that I was used to. I started reflecting on how much this city; my friends, family, and neighbors, have always been there for me and growing up with the wonderful people of Tacoma.I decided I should start to give back. My designs and images reflect that reciprocal love. 



Hailey Shoemaker

Collage and Printmaker

I am a current senior at the University of Puget Sound where I study printmaking. I use mixed media/ collage elements in my work in addition to printmaking processes. I am passionate about social justice and exploring my own narrative through visual art. I worked at an art therapy studio for one summer which greatly influenced my understanding of the process and personal growth through art. I was able to expand on these methods in a project on Tacoma activists' during the summer of 2016. 



Grace Witherell

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

My name is Grace Witherell and I am an aspiring cartoonist! Whether the medium is digital, watercolor, ink, pencil, acrylic, spray paint, etc. I just love to draw. I draw on napkins. And tables. And walls and sand and on my computer and inside books and all over myself. My work is an extension of myself and my evolving feminist ideology, so basically I just draw a lot of women. Short or tall, fat or skinny, hairy or smooth, evil or kind! I draw them all! You can typically find me doodling away at Bluebeard Coffee with my tongue sticking out and a bemused look on my face, and if you were to look down at what I was working on-you guessed it-it would be a lady! I hope one day to draw my own original comic series, and to use that platform to encourage other young women to pursue their artistic dreams regardless of education or opportunity.


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