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As a playful pun, Lettuce is the beginning of a wonderful sentence: Let Us Create! Let Us Connect! Let Us Collaborate!  Lettuce is a business devoted to building community in Tacoma by organizing and hosting unique events showcasing live art. Founder Monique Simkova brings a range of complementary talents and experience to their new undertaking. Their aim is to provide an experience in which people feel a sense of belonging in the artists’ community, encourage a positive environment through valuing the dignity and respect of everyone and helping people remember how good it feels to create.

Mission Statement

To build a thriving art community through showcasing live local art that inspires, empowers, and educates local artists while promoting creative industries.


  • Integrity - Maintaining our highest standards of excellence through delivering an unforgettable and unique experience.

  • Creativity - Seeking and developing fresh new ways to promote a range of local artists.  

  • Respect and Dignity- creating a space based on respect and dignity that allows people to feel empowered, valued, and able to show up and be seen.

  • Community Building - Creating a network for artists and the public to connect.

  • Environmentally Conscious - Supporting sustainable practices through becoming green certified through the City of Tacoma.

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